Briley FAQs

What is a Briley Choke?

The best chokes made on earth! If you are unsure which choke you need, please have a look here and call us to clarify.

What is a Briley diffusion choke?

It is a rifled choke designed to spin the wad and disperse the pattern about 5% more quickly.

I can’t find a choke for my shotgun?

Call us, we may be able to find one for you, or help you to get one custom made.

I’m not sure which choke I need:

Have a look at our choke guide but most importantly, call or email us and we can help you work out which one’s for you.

Can I shoot non-toxic shot through replacement chokes?

All Briley Replacement Chokes up to and including “Improved Modified” will handle steel, tungsten etc. Briley replacement “titanium” Chokes are for “LEAD ONLY”. Briley “THIN WALL” chokes must state  “FOR STEEL” on the side of the choke. If not, then “LEAD” may only be used.