MEC make the #1 shotshell reloader in the world!

As NZs sole agent for MEC reloaders, If you can't find what you need call Brian now on 027 537 8844 or make an enquiry,  he can get pretty much anything into New Zealand.

If you can't see the MEC product you need - find it on their website and then contact us to order. We are the sole agent for MEC reloaders NZ, so all New Zealand orders come through us.

Please note: As the NZ agent for MEC and Briley, any enquiries for New Zealand are re-directed here. Prices include GST but exclude shipping.

Find something you like from MEC? As the NZ agent for MEC Reloaders we can get anything you see from their website, just ask! Fill in an enquiry below and we'll handle everything for you, easy as that. (If you enquire wih MEC directly you'll be redirected to us).

Call Brian on 021 997 458 or fill in an enquiry below.

Shooting Gear

Current ONLY New Zealand agent for Briley Manufacturing in Texas USA. Current NZ agent for M.E.C. Reloading products. I also supply many products to do with Firearms and Shooting. If I don't have it, I can generally get it for you.